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Rossella, teacher

When I step into Arte con Amore I feel as if time had stopped: my daily concerns remain outside and I can finally devote some time to myself.

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Claudio, artist

Arte con Amore for me is important because it gives me the opportunity to express my passion for art and to share it with other people.

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Alex, painter

For me Art With Love is home, as I spend six to seven days a week here, and up to nine-ten hours a day in this studio.


Franco, pensioner

Arte con Amore is a unique place. Thanks to Alessandra and Steve I started painting again after many years. If I had to pay for a school, I don't know how I'd have done!

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Greta, student

I like to spend time here because  I can find  different people. Becoming a better painter is my main goal, but there is  much more. Since the day I came for the first time, this place has become almost like a shelter.


Francesca, teacher

I come here to remember the precious value of time.

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