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Our mission

The Foundation has been created with the aim to encourage, foster and protect the arts community worldwide; available to anyone, regardless of means; in any style, medium or location, but in particular, painting. Our primary focus is to teach and propagate the renaissance style of painting, nurturing a rebirth in art done with love, to ensure its longevity into the future. Our aim is to focus on all fields of art which are no longer financially viable to learn, teach or produce, which are in desperate need of philanthropic patronage in order to survive.


This will be achieved through:
1. Art classes worldwide
2. All classes are free of charge, including all material
3. Provide a community work space for artisans of
different fields
4. Provide a community space available to all to learn,
interact and feel a part of a greater purpose.
5. Foster the ongoing growth of skills of all abilities
6. Make available space for community/private groups to
promote similar themes as our aim.

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