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Our History

Art with Love started as an idea by Stephen Ninnes in 2014 as a simple art class where people could come together and learn how to paint.  the first class had 6 people and allowed the group to paint something  they loved.  It started as a Saturday morning class out of the shed in Bulimba.  In 2016, an extra class was added in Bulimba and then another at Teneriffe.  

In 2015, Stephen and Leticia were visiting Florence in Italy and purchased a shed.  Soon after classes were run on every 3 months when the couple could make it to Florence.  These were  particular well received by Florentines.  And after doing this for a year it was decided to open up Florence every week,  and in 2018,  a new artist,  Alessandra Camera, was bought on in Florence to run classes there every week. 

Each week over 500 people attend our classes in Brisbane and Florence still being presented in the same way that they were on day one.  People from all age groups and all walks of life attend regularly.

The foundation is funded by Stephen Ninnes and Leticia Francini.  All costs are funded by  them including all art materials, teachers and the running costs of the buildings. 


It is vision of Stephen and Leticia that  the Art with love foundation will outlive them for many lives and  provide a place for where people can come to,  paint and be together.  

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