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Weekly Art Classes

Each week there are free painting classes in Brisbane and in Florence.  

  • There is no need to book,  just turn up.

  • We provide all material, including canvas.

  • Choose something you wish to paint and print it out if possible.

  • Normally between 30 and 100 people attend each class. 

  • We have at least one teacher at every class.

The times for these classes are:


Painting class Wednesday 8:30 until 11 am 

Philosophy of Art with Love Friday 5 am until 6 am

Painting class Saturday 8:30 until 11 am 


Painting class Tuesday  10 am until 1 pm, Saturday 2pm until 5pm

Painting class Wednesday  5 pm until 8.30 pm

Live Drawing Class Saturday 2 pm until 5 pm.  

You will work on your own piece with our teachers helping and guiding you through the session. We provide all material, including canvasses, paints, brushes, palettes etc and you do not have to bring anything.  And it is all free because of the Art with Love foundation. 


There is no need to book, you just show up and join in, as we have ample space at both of these venues. 

We are open every week, including public holiday weekends. 

Neither venue has ample parking space for cars, but both do have wheelchair access.   And if you need assistance then call ahead and we can help. 

There is no age limits, we have people from 4 years to 90 joining in each week. 


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