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Art with Love's (Fondazione Arte con Amore) main activity is weekly art classes, with the addition of a variety of workshops throughout the year.   


Art Classes

In Florence and Brisbane, these classes are very open, free and easy to join,  as you just show up.  There is no ned to book and because of our large space, there is always room.   Find out more...

The art classes are not structured as each student is at a different point of their work.  At Art with Love our teachers 

spend time with each student as required.  This means the teacher wanders around the room available for any student to grab their attention and help out.  Additionally,  we usually have a small presentation at each art class on how to do a particular task, method or skill.  these presentations are about 10 minutes to 30 minutes, depending on the topic.  


The workshops are more structured and focus on a particular task.  The topics vary and could be life drawing, oil painting or mask making  as  an example.    Find out more...

We do try to encourage and grow the ancient or endangered arts and will always be adding to our events as time goes by.

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